Nature 🌿🍃 Beyond the beauty of me I’m calm, peaceful, soulful, mysticism. I’m me , I’m amber, lovelies for my mankind. Boon for universe . Cold eyes for generous world. _ Manshi        

Science – Life

Humans are an ingenious species. Though we’ve been on the planet for a relatively short amount of time (Earth is 4.5 billion years old), modern Homo sapiens have dreamed up and created some amazing, sometimes far-out, things. From the moment someone bashed a rock on the ground to make the first sharp-edged tool, to the debut …

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“I’M FINALLY AT PEACE WITH THE WAY I LOOK.” Krystal’s unhealthy childhood eating habits followed her into adulthood, when the combination of a full-time job, nightly trips through the drive-through, and wedding-planning-related stressed added up to significant weight gain — and wedding photos Krystal couldn’t stand to share with others. This was her tipping point. …

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